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Paintings by Tomaszewski and sculptures by Spanos in the Ochorowiczówka museum

RMF24 | 11th February, 2023

The exhibition of Andrzej Tomaszewski's works "Real surrealism - 30 years" can be seen from Saturday at the Museum of Magic Realism Ochorowiczówka in Wisła. You can also see two sculptures by the Greek-Cypriot artist Panicos Spanos.

According to Robert Kuciński from the Center for Culture and Art in Konin, surrealism is Tomaszewski's favorite direction in the fine arts.

In his works, he made a man, a human figure, but "processed" in a specific way. The creative starting point for drawings and paintings is most likely emotions and uncontrollable thoughts , he said.

Tomaszewski's works can be seen in Ochorowiczówka until March 3 .

Andrzej Tomaszewski is 57 years old. He has been creating since the 1990s. In that decade he collaborated with the magazines "Szpilki" and "Fantastyka". He participated in individual and collective exhibitions. He is a member of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers - Polish Applied Art in Poznań. His paintings are in art galleries and private collections.

The exhibition of surrealist works is accompanied by the presentation of two sculptures by the Greek-Cypriot artist Panicos Spanos . They were presented for the first time in Poland during the Warsaw Art Fair in December 2022. They came straight from Warsaw to Wisła, said Marek Szeles from Ochorowiczówka.

He added that Spanos is known for his large-format sculptures, which are in private collections around the world, as well as in public spaces in Cyprus.

Spanos explores the human body by creating figures and large heads. His sculptures always give the impression of movement through the hair, posture or facial expressions of the figures. His hallmark is the virtuosic game between the heaviness of metal and the emotional delicacy of the characters created in this way - said Marek Szeles.

In Wisła you can see the works: "In the nick of Time" and "Times Zero" .

The Museum of Magic Realism is located in a villa in Wisła that once belonged to Julian Ochorowicz, a philosopher and psychologist who lived at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, and a university lecturer from Lviv. He was a pioneer of experimental and clinical psychology. He also studied psychic phenomena. He was a pioneer in many fields of technology.

He created and patented a microphone, as well as a speakerphone, which was considered by specialists to be qualitatively superior to Bell's invention.


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